Pennsic University Class Registration FAQs

My class listing has an error in it!
If your class listing has information missing or misspelled, wrong dates and/or times, or your classes are not listed, please contact the Registrar ASAP. We'll fix them as fast as possible.
Can you give me another slot for my class? Or a different time?
Contact the Registrar and we'll try our best. Please keep in mind that for certain days and times, tent space is very scarce -- we're not trying to be difficult, but to ensure everyone gets as good a slot as possible. Preference will be given to those requesting a time first. We will try to accommodate requested changes, but can make no guarantees.
The class registration form is broken, and/or it didn't register me right!
If you had issues with the form, please contact the Registrar.
Why didn't I get the number of classes I requested?
While we appreciate the enthusiasm of teachers who wants to offer many different classes and sessions, we reserve the right to trim some multiple offerings due to space and time constraints. If you wish to underline the need to teach multiple times, please contact the Registrar
How can I make my class description better?
  • Brevity is CRITICAL -- Class descriptions are limited to 140 characters.
  • Run it through a good spell-checker, and have a friend proofread it.
  • Make sure everything students need to know is mentioned in your description.
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